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Allison B.

"The quality was great. They walked me through the options. They make it easy"

Donna R.

They were very responsive not only to the questions we had but also to the set up and installation of the home. The product is a very good.

Jason F.

They have been good help over there.

Jimmy F.

They were quite helpful and worked with us in what we needed. We bought it for hunting and we got what we wanted. Mike did a good job.

Joseph B.

"They had great service"

Kenneth D.

"They were willing to work with us. Our salesman was nice and he never gave up helping us. Their customer service was great."

Nancy W.

"They worked with me so diligently. Got me into a home that I would normally not be able to get into."

Oil Company II

They did a very good job

Oscar C.

When we first started looking at different places, Clayton Homes treated us the nicest and really made us feel like they cared about what we needed, they listened to what we were looking for. They really cared and we knew we were doing business at the right place.

Ryan S.

The salesman and the whole team was very good helping me find out what I needed. Got to me very quick. The speed. A great team.

Ryan S.

The salesman was great, the manager was great. We had a couple of hiccups along the way and they helped us all the way.

Sandell M.

The way they work with you and take care of their customers. Everyone here thinks they are top notch.

Sesario L.

"The quality of the homes and the efficiency of the crew that were there" Gave a 10

Theodora M.

"I am happy with the quality and their customer service. I went to several dealers and there were two or three places I went into that acted like they did not want to sell me a home...... I would definitely recommend them!"

William W.

"The salesperson took care of me and he was on my side. I was referred to him by my son."